Friday, March 27, 2009

WebSphere Portal configuration : where are config and log files in v6.x ?

A lot's of things have changed in WebSphere Portal v6.0 and even more in 6.1.
Sometimes I spend a few minutes looking for a configuration file that has been moved to another folder and/or renamed....For those like me who are a little bit lost, here is a list of common v6.x config. files you need to work with frequently, and their correspondancy with v5.x

Basically, all the Portal and WCM config. files are now moved to : "/portal/WebSphere/wp_profile".

v6 logs file for WPS + WCM:
Now you will find most of the traces in:

In v5, the corresponding files are :
[PortalServer root]/log/SystemOut.log
[PortalServer root]/log/
[PortalServer root]/wcm/shared/app/config/ and connect.cfg

Please note that by default there are no more specific WCM log (like connect.log). Now WCM log traces output is located in SystemOut.log. (However, it is probably possible to configure the trace management system in WAS console to clearly separate WPS and WCM logs, as it was before in v5).


WCM v6.x Config file (replace previous v5 and connect.cfg):


See the current fix level of the WPS application:


VMM LDAP configuration and mapping (if security is enabled):

(equivalent to v5 file : [PortalServer root]/wmm/wmmLDAPServerAttributes.xml)


v6.x PORTAL DATABASES configuration:


Hope this will help you....