Monday, March 2, 2009

Speed up WPS 6 portal development server

Question :if there is a list of IBM Portlet that could be uninstalled to improve performances of a WPS development server (to reduce memory consumption and speed up portal restart).
These Portles can be deinstalled if not used, without any impact to the system.
No system functions nor configuration actions depend on the availability.

Note : in our case, an error occured when trying to uninstall the following Portlet "" (problem with database constraint). So it
has not been uninstalled.

From my experience, to improve performances, you can also perform the following tasks:

- Set the WCM option to "Subscriber-only" (connect.cfg for pre-v6 version, and for v6), parameter deployment.subscriberOnly=true.

For more details see : Understanding syndication in IBM Workplace Web Content Management

- Disable the JCR text search (which rebuild jcr indexes automatically) : set the jcr.textsearch.enabled=false (WebSphere\PortalServer\jcr\lib\com\ibm\icm\

Please note that I'm not sure of the exact role of this process, but I think it can be disabled on a development server.
For more details: see

- Reduce as much as possible the volume of WCM content (in v5, the rebuild of WCM indexes during server restart could take a very long time !)

- Another best practice for WCM is to run the clean-up tools (especially the Member fixer tool). See v6 infocenter for more details