Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's New in Lotus Web Content Management v 6.1

In this session we Touch on the new features introduced in wcm 6.1/ and new things available from the Portlet catalog. We also got some insight into future developments

New in 6.1
No data migration is required between 6 and 6.1 and that migereing from 5.1 to 6.1 are enhanced
Better performance with a focus on editing and rendering

Redigering Editor
Easier and improved editing
- New options for the form content to hide more buttons, toolbars, and the fields that will make content
- Field labels can be changed
- Templates from 6 Version 6 can still be used

Enhanced features
- Custom-work flow (eg one can detect Custom Workflow Action Factory via Eclipse Plug-in framework)
-Library mgmt through API
- Syndication management APIs (dynamic control of syndekering)
- Several rendering tag selection (history componentsconfiguration dates, ID / Security / Profile / Workflow components, html encoding for rendered text, multiple format tags (FILENAME, SIZE, WIDTH of the image components)
- Active Content Filter

Extended integration
- WAS 6.1 exploitation
- WAS 7 Support

Simpler architecture
- Improved installation
-Possible to script maintenance tasks
- Improved handling JSP deployment
- Workflow of the components, categories and taxonomi in wcm API
- Presentation Template is made to the API

Record fixpack delivery of maintenance

NEW: Ephox Live is now included as a rich text editor! Available from 6.1.01 ...

NEW: wcm Portal Pages
Closer integration with the portal
Pages vs Site Areas
WCM Should be easier for administrators to create web pages and against wcm content
-Portal will understand how wcm "live" and wcm want to understand the portal pages the content is on
- Portal and wcm will be able to use the same architecture
- Shorter time to deployment and easier integration
- Administrators can define portal pages that are marked as wcm templates pages and therefore can be reused when creating a new wcm page
- Integration of Portal Site Administration with wcm site management
- View wcm sides next to the portal pages
- manage entire sites, not only "inside" of a portlet

NEW: JSR 286 based wcm rendering portlet:
- Available via Portlet Catalog
- Runs in (need for fixes to exploit full functionality)
- Portlet UI improvements
- Better performance

NEW: wcm search - more options in
- Must be turned on in the custom properties
- Seedlist 1.0 support (Front, ATOM base format. Access control information so that the crawl is to filter based on user searching)
- Support for custom meta data in Seedlisten
- Add meta data field to wcm content
- In-context links

The future
- Change Management and advance view in context
- Portal site convergence / collection - erase the borders between the portal and wcm
- JSR-286 Rendering Portlet
- UI redesign (fewer clicks, easier navigation,
- WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

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