Sunday, March 29, 2009

ClearHistory with WCM 6.1

If you are using 6.1x a new module was delivered in Cummulative fix 6.

"Creation of a module that will allow for the deletion of history log entries."
To enable the library delete module:

1. Add the following lines to the file located in the portal_server_root/wcm/shared/app/config/wcmservices directory:


2. add ",historycropper" (without quotes) at the end of the "connect.businesslogic.module=" property in the same file.
3. Restart the server for the configuation changes to take effect.

To view a report, use the following URL:

The day, month, year and keep parameters must all be numbers.

The day, month and year parameters combine to make up a date object which is used to determine whether a certain history log entry is removed from a Web Content Management item. Any history log entries that occurred before the specified date will be deleted. If no date is specified, then the date will default to one year before the current date.

The keep parameter specifies the minimum number of history log entries to keep on Web Content Management items. If a number is not specified, then the minimum number of history control entries to keep will default to 10.

The library parameter tells which library to process. If this attribute is not specified, then all libraries will be processed.

The restricOn parameter tells the module to process only controllable of the specified types. If this attribute is not specified, then all controllables types will be processed.