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Support Content Highlight for WebSphere Portal/WCM (September 2009)


This document contains links to technical support documents for IBM WebSphere Portal that are frequently requested or identified by IBM as valuable for the time period covered by this notification. This is key information to help you derive the most value from your software licenses, find answers to common questions, and work through current issues that might affect your environment.

This list reflects a small portion of our knowledge base. If your problem or question is not featured here, perform a keyword search on the WebSphere Portal Support page to find any relevant documents. If you need more help, you can review the WebSphere Portal Zone on developerWorks and the WebSphere Portal User Forum for additional support options.


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Recent favorites

1. Steps required for JSP precompile on Portal 6.0 and 6.1 (1389639)
What are the steps necessary to run a JSP precompile on a WebSphere Portal installation?

Software version: all 6.1 versions; all 6.0 versions

2. Silent Install - Installing with a response file (1385738)
Steps for doing a silent install.

Software version:, 6.1

3. Key Content Resources for WebSphere Portal (7013542)
Key content resources such as system requirements, product documentation, best practices wikis, discussion forums, support and education resources, are available for WebSphere Portal.

Software version: 6.1, 6.0, 5.1

4. Configuration Wizard fails on LDAP validation due to incorrect bind user name (1382100)
When configuring standalone security with Lotus Domino LDAP using the Security Configuration Wizard, the process fails due to an error during LDAP validation.

Software version: 6.1

5. CWWIM4520E error when logging in due to invalid base entry in VMM configuration (1368224)
You are unable to log into IBM WebSphere Portal or the Integrated Solutions console after configuring security using the federated repository.

Software version: 6.1

6. Additional configuration required for PK62794 (1397911)
What additional configuration is required for PK62794?

Software version: 6.1, 6.0

7. MustGather: Upgrade failures for WebSphere Portal 6.1 (1396293)
This technote covers collecting data for upgrade failures with WebSphere Portal 6.1. Gathering this MustGather information before calling IBM support will help to understand the problem and save time analyzing the data.

Software version: 6.1

8. Default themes and skins will be overwritten by refresh pack 1 (6.0.1) installation (1255697)
Previously, the default "out of the box" themes and skins for WebSphere Portal have remained untouched by the automated portion of a fix pack installation and required manual steps to deploy the updated code. Beginning with refresh pack 1 for WebSphere Portal version 6.0 (6.0.1), the update will replace the default themes and skins if updates are provided, and any customized content will be replaced.

Software version: 6.0.1

9. Limit on the number of Content items that can be created with Workplace Web Content Management (1398425)
Is there any limit on the number of Content Items that can be created with Web Content Management?

Software version: all 5.1

10. ConstraintViolationException while saving large Personalization rule (1398966)
While saving a large Personalization rule, an EJPVP00000E error appears on the portlet.

Software version:,
Recent wiki and developerWorks articles

Continual favorites
  • The Featured Documents for IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management page contains a list of documents that consistently prove useful to WebSphere Portal administrators and users.
  • Direct Fixes Download Links are available from "Download links for APAR interim fixes to a specific version of WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management" (1253233).
  • Recommended fixes and updates for WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management page. Updated PK92696 (V6.1.0.x WCM CF17) and added new Recommended Group for
  • Consumability Survey

    Would you help us by responding to the consumability survey for the latest version of the products you work with?

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    The survey is available in 10 major languages and invites both multiple choice and free format responses, all of which we review. There is no option to save a partially completed survey and return later, so you need to finish the survey in one session and hit the final Submit button for the data to reach us. Please plan 30-40 minutes to respond. You do not need to identify yourself or your company; that is optional. This is an opportunity to influence future releases of our products and to save you time by helping to make our systems easier to use. Thank you.
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    Here are links to other ways that you can access WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management self-help support information on the web:

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