Friday, August 21, 2009

WCM custom jsp files can be placed as separate ear/war inWebsphere portal 6.1

Now we can get rid of copying the wcm custom jsp files of wcm jsp component or custom rich text editor/ custom jsp for element in authoring template into wcm product wars i.e. wcm.ear, local/remote/authoring portlets of the file system.

This enhancement is part of WPS 6.1 and for custom jsp of wcm can be deployed as separate j2ee ear application on portal. Deployment and update of jsp now can be performed remotely.
also. J2EE resources like jdbc, webservice client,etc can be used without updating wcm product files.

within any other Web application running on portal. When referencing JSP files in another Web application, use the following path: contextPath;jspPath

For example: /wps/customapplication;/jsp/editor.jsp