Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Portal Servers

List of Portal servers
• Liferay - Liferay deploy portlets that adhere to the Portlet API (JSR 168).Its one of the most popular and most talked upon potal server in the recent market. It has lots of portlets bundled with the portal (Mail,Workflow, Document Library, Calendar, Message Boards,Wiki, to name a few) and can be used to develop for adding your own custom portlets.The Ext environment in the portal server is used for extending the portal towith custom generated portlets and make it compatible with newer additions of incremental development.

• Exo - The eXo platform is a one of the major Open Source - JSR 168 compliant - enterprise portal built from various modules.It provides virtualization of the work space through an advanced WebOS interface.

• Pluto - Reference Implementation of the JSR168.It now supports JSR286 also. Apache Pluto is a subproject of the Apache Portals Project.

• JA-SIG uPortal - uPortal is a free, sharable portal under development by institutions of higher-education. Community tools, such as chat, forums, survey, and so on, build relationships among campus constituencies. uPortal is an open-standard effort using Java, XML, JSP and J2EE.

• ByLine - Byline is an open source (LGPL) content management, portal, and collaboration system built on top of a sophisticated web development framework. Byline includes content authoring, versioning, workflow, categorization, and lifecycle management capabilities. Byline has been used to build sophisticated content and document management systems for customers such as the APLAWS consortium, FranceTV (, Deutsche Post, the United Nations, and many others. Byline has been used to power systems that have over 400GB of data, thousands of content contributors, and tens of thousands of content visitors.

• Jakarta Jetspeed 2 Enterprise Portal - Jetspeed-2 is the next-generation enterprise portal at Apache. Jetspeed-2 offers several architectural enhancements and improvements over Jetspeed 1.0. First, Jetspeed-2 is conformant to the Java Portlet Standard and provides a standard mechanism for the deployment of portlets. Second, Jetspeed-2 has matured to a more scalable architecture featuring multi-threaded functionality. Third, Jetspeed-2 is decoupled from several legacy open source projects. Fourth, Jetspeed-2 is based on a component architecture.

• JBoss Portal - JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform provides an integrated open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's web interface, aggregating, publishing, and managing its content, and personalizing its experience.

• Websynergy-project WebSynergy SB 2 is the next-generation web aggregation and presentation platform from SunTM Microsystems. This platform includes developer tools and an enterprise-grade presentation runtime based on Liferay Portal Server, GlassFishTM version 3, and MySQLTM software.

• Portals in Cocoon - The portal framework is a portal server that runs inside Cocoon - or to be more precise inside the Cocoon servlet. It contains a portlet container that is called coplet container. Coplet stands for Cocoon Portlet and is the Cocoon equivalent to portlet.Due to the highly extensible nature of Cocoon, the portal is configurable and extensible as well and provides many hooks and switches to easily adapt the portal for specific needs. As the portal is integrated in Cocoon it has the advantage that all features of Cocoon can easily be used. Cocoon is very strong in fetching data from various source and delivering it in the various output formats requested by different clients (like HTML, WML, PDF etc.).