Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Use Portal 6.0 Advanced URL Generation Helper Class ServletURLGenerator to Generate URL of portlet


In some cases, you might want to open a single portlet in a new window in solo state (which hides the portal theme elements, like a banner, page navigation, or tool bar), for example,

This main portlet contains one link, after click the link, the PopUpTest portlet which resides on the XuTest2 page will be displayed on a new window.

The XuTest2 page has more than one portlet:

therefore, the question comes: how to generate url of the target portlet. WebSphere Portal 6.0 provides some advanced URL generation helper classes to solve this problem. I am going to demonstrate the usage of ServeletURLGenerator.generateUrlForFlyout.

Investigating the generateUrlForFlyout function

public static EngineURL generateUrlForFlyout(

String pageName, String portletName,

HttpServletRequest request,

HttpServletResponse response)*

* This is the updated version of the one provide on Portal 6.0.x Advanced URL Generation Helper classes.

This function requires four parameters where

  • pageName: the unique name of the target portlet page
  • portletName: the unique name of target PortletWindow

To set the unique name of page, you can use either XMLAccess or through “Manage Custom Unique Names” portlet:

To set the unique name of PortletWindow, the only way is through XMLAccess to set the unique name of the component that holds the portlet instance on the page:

uniquename="xu.test.popuptest" width="undefined">

About how to do it, please refer to step1-4 of URLGeneration in WebSphere Portal v5.1.x - Linking to another portlet


As we see from the function above, to get it work, the target portlet must be assigned to a known page, which means, this API will not work if the portlet does not map to a page.

Code to generate URL

On the MainPortletView.jsp, we use the following code to generate URL of target portlet:


try {

String pageName = "co.at.profile.XuTest2";

String portletName = "xu.test.popuptest";

EngineURL targetURLStr = ServletURLGenerator.generateUrlForFlyout(

pageName, portletName, request, response);


<h:form id="form1" styleClass="form">


<a href='<%=targetURLStr %>'target="_new">Linka>


Of course, to avoid the resolve exceptions, you need to include the necessary classes:

<%@page language="java" contentType="text/html"

pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1" session="false"




Portal 6.0.x Advanced URL Generation Helper classes.

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