Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reinstall Admin Console (isclite)

If administrative console is broken or was accidentally uninstalled (happens typically in base-version of WAS), re-deployment (reinstall) of console-application can be done with jython script located in bin-folder.
1. First a clean removal of the old admin-console deployment is nessacary
"System-folder"/bin/ -lang jython -f remove
2. Now reinstall of administrative console (isclite) will complete without errors (hopefully)
"System-folder"/bin/ -lang jython -f install
3. Take a look at /"profile-root"/config/cells/"cell name"/nodes/"node name"/applications/isclite.ear/deployments/isclite/deployment.xml
3.1 Check if the -Tag points to the correct server.
4. Take a look at /"profile root"/config/cells/"cell name"/nodes/"node name"/serverindex.xml
4.1 Check if the -Tag for application isclite
is mapped to the correct server (server1 in base version of WAS).

Now the administrative console should work again.