Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to disable workflow actions in IBM Web Content Management (WCM)

As the system administrator of your IBM Web Content Management system, you need to disable the workflow actions in your system.

Resolving the problem
Use a text editor to modify the system's [WPS_ROOT]\wcm\shared\app\config\wcmservices\ file.

1. Add a property named "disableWorkflowAction".

2. Use a comma to separate the workflow action name that you want to disable, for example,

NOTE: the name is case-sensitive.

To disable all workflow actions on the server, " * " can be used in the disableWorkflowAction property.

The following disables all workflow actions on the server:


The generic use of this property is for machine working as a subscriber. This property is added to
disable all the actions on the subscriber. If you use it on the syndicator machine, then it will disable all the actions.