Saturday, April 25, 2009

DraftDetectionModule utility allows bulk removal of drafts

How do you use the DraftDetectionModule utility to perform the bulk removal of drafts in IBM Web Content Management (WCM)?

A new DraftDetectionModule with an optional Remove mode (Remove=True) was developed to automate bulk removal of drafts. In WCM, this function was added in PK74353 (included in CF6)
The module must first be configured in the WCM configuration file before it can be used. This is similar to the MemberFixer/LibraryDelete module. To configure the DraftDetectionModule, perform the following steps:

1. Edit the \wcm\shared\app\config\wcmservices\ file.

2. Add the following three lines underneath the "connect.businesslogic.module" property:

-- conect.businesslogic.module.draftdetection.class=com.aptrix.pluto.workflow.DraftDetectionModule
-- connect.businesslogic.module.draftdetection.remoteaccess=true
-- connect.businesslogic.module.draftdetection.autoload=false

3. Add "draftdetection" to the end of the "connect.businesslogic.module" property as follows:


4. Restart the server.

To run the new module in report mode, place the following URL in the browser:


To run the new module in remove mode, place the following URL in the browser:


NOTE: This utility can also be used with with CF3 and onwards.