Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some portal faqs

Q:Why does portlet become active even it was inactive before publishing?

A:Under the 'Portlet Publishing' section, "create pages for portlets" was selected by default setting, which creates a page on the portal server under the default label "Rational Portlets" and adds the published portlet to the page. So when you deselect it, portlet is inactive.

Q:How to let Dojo css are not being loaded on blank page?

A:When developing components that use Dojo, you must be aware of the way WebSphere Portal uses Dojo, as well as tips and restrictions when using Dojo. Please create a new theme, called no_dojo, which only contains this page without loading dojo; other pages still are maintained in your default theme, in order to avoid unknown mistakes.

Q:What is Syndication in Web Content Management?

A:Syndication is a method used by IBM Lotus Web Content Management to replicate data from a Web content library on one server to a Web content library on another server.

Q:Instead of using the Deployment Manager, is there any way I can update my common portlet across cluster?

A:Yes, you can use XML configuration interface.

Q:How can I deploy portlet that are unique to a cluster?

A:You can use either the Portal Administration User interface or the XML Configuration Interface.

Q:Can I have duplicate node names in a cell in a cluster environment?

A:No, you will need to rename the node in the deployment manager using IBM WebSphere Application Server command, renameNode.

Q:How to activate a portlet?

A:Run ConfigEngine.bat activate-portlets

Q:What is administrative portlets?

A:Administrative portlets include all of the portlets that appear on the administrative pages when you navigate to Administration.

Q:Is there another way to import XML besides using command prompt?

A:Yes, you may use Import XML portlet. Just navigate to Administration -> Portal Settings -> Import XML

Q:How to customize a theme?

A:You may use Inline Theme Customizer or Theme Customizer in Portal Administration.

Q:How to enable Parallel Portlet Rendering in portlet level?

A:You may change it here:

Select Portal Administration > Portlet Management > Portlets.
Select the desired portlet and click on the Configure (wrench) icon. The portal displays the panel for configuring the portlet.
Mark the Enable parallel rendering checkbox to enable parallel rendering for the portlet.