Monday, May 31, 2010

Changing the language used in the log file

Changing the language used in the log file
By default, information in the log file is written in the language that was used for the WebSphere Portal installation. However, because WebSphere Portal supports a number of languages, you can choose to have the log file information written in a language other than that used during installation.

To change the language used for the log file, edit the file This file is located in the following WebSphere Portal directory:

* Windows: portal_server_root\shared\app\config
* UNIX: portal_server_root/shared/app/config
* i5/OS: portal_server_root/shared/app/config

Add the following line:

where xx is the two-letter abbreviation for the locale. For example, to have log information generated in English, you would add the following line:

For more language codes, check this out: