Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WebSphere Portal site management - publishing pages using a SUN Web server

Even if you successfully configured your portal with a SUN Web server as the target server for site management, the browser might prompt you for the Web server administrator user ID and password when you publish a page to this target server several times.
When you use portal site management to publish a page to the SUN target Web server, the browser prompts you for the Web server administrator user ID and password. Even if you enter the correct user ID and password, the prompt will be displayed over and over again.

The exception occurs because by default the SUN Web server does not have the write and delete access control rules. Publishing a page to the target server requires write and delete access rights, but the default SUN Web server installation does not grant these two access rights to anyone.

Resolving the problem
To resolve the problem, proceed as follows:
  1. Log in to the target Web server administrative console.
  2. Add Write and Delete access control roles to the anyone users and groups.
  3. Save and submit your changes.
  4. Restart the Web server.

The problem should now be resolved.