Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to tell that search indexing has completed in IBM Web Content Management (WCM)

As the system administrator of an IBM® Web Content Management (WCM), you are interested in learning if the product's search index can completed being processed. How does one verify that the search indexing has completed?

The WCM system's SystemOut.log and trace.log files can be used to indicate the status of the search index's state of completion.

Search stringMeaning
IndexMaintainer.processPendingUpdates. ProcessedThis entry in the WCM SystemOut.log indicates that the index maintainer task is completed.
[12/4/07 19:45:58:734 IST] 0000013e JCRCFLLoggerI I [java.lang.ThreadGroup[name=icmciWorkManager: icmjcrear,maxpri=10]] [java.lang.ThreadGroup[name=icmciWorkManager: icmjcrear,maxpri=10]]: - IndexMaintainer.processPendingUpdates. Processed 149 events for index: 1

Search stringMeaning
IndexMaintainer.runIndexMaintenance() (*** no pending updates***)This entry in the WCM trace.log indicates that there are no events needing to be processed.
This output written to the trace.log requires that the following configuration be enabled:*=finest