Monday, June 8, 2009

Determining if WebSphere Portal security configuration is standalone or federated

How do you determine if your IBM WebSphere Portal security configuration is standalone or federated?

Open the security.xml file.

Standalone: /config/cells//security.xml
Cluster: /config/cells//security.xml

The activeUserRegistry property appears on line 2.

If the configuration is federated (which is the out-of-the-box default), the value will be WIMUserRegistry_1.

If the configuration is standalone, the value will be LDAPUserRegistry_1.

Running the Portal configuration task, wp-modify-ldap-security, will change the security configuration to standalone. Among other things, a standalone configuration does not support multiple repositories, including multiple LDAP servers. If your architecture requires multiple LDAP servers and you have a standalone security configuration, run the config task wp-modify-federated-security to "switch" or convert to a federated configuration before running any tasks to add another repository.

Refer to Configuring WebSphere Portal to use a user registry for details