Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to implement LDAP referrals for WebSphere Portal 6.1

How can you implement referrals for WebSphere Portal 6.1? You have configured WebSphere Portal to an LDAP server that may return a referral in order to locate a specific user or group.


WebSphere Application Server 6.1 does not support referrals in standalone LDAP environments. However, referrals can be leveraged in a federated repository environment by using one of the following two methods for updating the Virtual Member Manager (VMM) configuration:

Method 1.
1. Login to the Integrated Solutions Console.
2. Navigate to Secure administration, applications, and infrastructure --> Federated repositories --> Manage repositories --> repository name.
3. In the drop-down list for "Support referrals to other LDAP servers", select Follow.
4. Save the changes and restart the servers.

Method 2.
1. Open the /config/cells//wim/config/wimconfig.xml file.
2. Search for referal="ignore".
3. Change this to referal="follow".
4. Save the changes and restart the servers.