Saturday, February 28, 2009

WebSphere Portal development: where to start?

You have probably noticed at this time, the portals are all the rage. Figures for some time, I am rather paid on WebSphere Portal, and it is not displeasing to me after 3 & a half years devoted almost exclusively to the Lotus Domino Development (with a bit of PHP between the two). However, it is a world wide and very different from the latter, and the beast is not necessarily easy to master or even to address. Here are some links that I collected throughout my adventures, which could be of interest to those entering the field:

Not directly related to WPS, but an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand the JSP tag libraries (and WPS, a full y'en).

That's all for now, I probably will complete this list as & as my discoveries. In general, your first instinct should be to consult the Info Center (v5.1, v6.0) because it is very comprehensive and full of lots of info needed.