Saturday, February 28, 2009

IE7 and Websphere Portal 5.1 are in a boat. Who fell in the water? Iframes!

At least not have turned on your computer the day, there is little chance that you passed near the exit IE7. This afternoon I installed in a virtual machine to test the compatibility of web applications for my client. Going to see the corporate portal based on IBM Websphere Portal 5.1, I was very surprised to come across the following message:

A clipping portlet with IE7
I thought a joke at Microsoft, such iframes deactivation in the default configuration for a muddy excuse of security (they have done well up overnight for identifiers in the URL 1). After an unsuccessful tour of the nearby options IE7, I finally went to take a look at the configuration of the portal. And that was that the solution lay.
Indeed, it appears that WPS render pages according to the capabilities of user agents, and that necessarily, IE7 is not stated in it is the most degraded, which has been proposed. A laudable intention, but we made a good fright anyway (especially my client, which was decomposed at a speed that I could not believe biologically possible). In short, a small change in the regexp detection of user agents and the problem was resolved.

With a priority rule now on every match
So you're ready for IE 8.