Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to get the seedlist for the WebSphere Portal search engine in version 6.1.x Portal for either the portal collection or the WCM collection

How do I generate the output for the search seedlist in portal version 6.1.x for either the portal collection or the WCM collection?

The reason for this is to examine if there is a problem with the search engine crawler or the seedlist servlet that provides a list of documents to be crawled and indexed in the portal. This is used in debugging if it is suspected that the proper amount of documents are not indexed, or not all the correct attributes are indexed.

Follow these steps to generate the seedlist output.

1. Log in to the portal with an administrative ID

2. Navigate to the administrative pages and select this portlet: Search Administration > Manage Search

3. Within the portlet go to Search Collections > (portal/wcm collection)

4. Select this collection:

5. Edit the Portal content source:
6. Copy the URL that was automatically generated when creating the content source, and past this in a new browser window:

7. You may be asked for a log in via a pop-up. Be sure to allow this, and log in with the userid that you configured search to use. This is what you should see:

8. Save this as a web page, and submit this to support via this information.