Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to assign a new portal administration group aside from wpsadmins

For a client who is using a single LDAP repository for both Staging and Production. However, they wanted a separate portal admin group for Staging and Production. For production environment, wpsadmins is sufficient but for staging, aside from wpsadmins, they wanted to add a new group meant for the staging administrators. Staging administrators can only access staging server and shouldn't access Production Environment. In this scenario, we cannot add the staging users under wpsadmins group. To resolve this scenario, the procedure below helps you to add a new admin group on portal different from the frequently used wpsadmins.

1. Login to your WebSphere Portal as an administrator
2. Go to the Administration Page
3. Click on the Access -> Resource Permissions and choose Virtual Resources
4. Click on Permission Icon beside Portal
5. Click on the Permission Icon for Administrator
6. Add the new administrator group you would like. In our example its wpsdevadmins
7. Click back on Portal
8. logout

Test any user under this group. Similarly, you can also delete wpsadmins from this group if there's a need.